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Quick Hit Cash Wheel slot game has everything the predecessors were known for as well as much more.

The developers have made the series in such a manner that the games have just enough differences that each is known for.

The quirks of the game become apparent in its features. It has a retro theme which zips between the present and retro so fast it’ll make your head spin.

The visual has the traditional retro theme in keeping with the themes of the games in the series. The symbols include jingling bells, bars and cherries. With low value symbols like the classic ace to nine make the stakes higher.

Not just that, the animations of the game are also worth mentioning. The game goes retro one second and then brings you back to present in the next moment. The backdrop is blue black with symbols taking the space in front. The graphics are sleek and sophisticated.

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The game is a more standard 5 row, 25 lines slot. The game features Wild symbols as well as the scatter symbols. To play for real money the minimum you have to bet is £0.01 but the maximum coins that can be used are 250.

Not just that, the wild symbols are there to substitute while scatters help you unlock bonuses and free spins. With those great odds you are bound to take a chance.

How to Play?

It has pretty standard rules, the wilds with their substituting powers give you winning combos.

While the scatter symbols are really what make the games. On appearance you can get up to 9x multiplier to increase your bet. But not just that.

When they appear on 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously, Cash Wheel Bonus is triggered that lets you play the ultimate game of 21 tiles and you keep clicking on the tiles to get 3 identical symbols. This would award you free spins as well multipliers variably.

With its rapid winning rates, you get addicted pretty quickly.

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